50 Fitness Meals That Take 5 Minutes Each - Fast Meals for Fast Lives - by Kevin Jon

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Would you like to build muscle and a great physique? However, you don't have enough time or motivation for proper nutrition?

Want to live a fitness lifestyle but are not motivated enough to spend hours in the kitchen?

It took me well more than 5 years to find different meal hacks and shortcuts to integrate a fitness nutrition into my busy life. My job as a strategy consultant requires me to travel a lot, live in hotels and often work 80+ hours per week.

Still: I manage to maintain a fitness nutrition by preparing many of the 5 minute foods I present in this ebook.

My guide "50 Fitness Meals That Take 5 Minutes Each - Fast Meals For Fast Lives" is designed for fitness enthusiasts, aspiring bodybuilders and people living busy lives. It will give you 50+ recipes that each take 5 minutes or less to prepare. This will help you to integrate a fitness nutrition into your busy life and build a great physique!

  • Designed for fitness enthusiasts, aspiring bodybuilders and people living busy lives - "Fast Meals For Fast Lives"
  • The preparation of each recipe will take 5 mins or less
  • Includes a mix of very basic as well as more elaborate recipes
  • IIFYM-friendly: all recipes will fit your macros & we give you the exact nutritional information for each recipe
  • PDF format - can be read on all devices
  • Now 11.90$ instead of 19.90$ for a limited time!

50 Fitness Meals That Take 5 Mins Each - Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Breakfast (included Bonus: "Peanut Butter Buying Guide" and "Tea Tips")
  • Lunch & Dinner (included Bonus: "How to Cook Sweet Potato Like a Pro")
  • In-Betweeners (included Bonus: "Homemade Pre Workout Booster Tips")
  • Smoothies
  • Desserts
  • Instant Emergency Picks (foods for instant consumption to grab in the supermarket e.g. while traveling)

Remember: workouts are 20% - nutrition is 80%!

Bonus: you are not just buying an ebook!

You are buying lifetime access to my mail support club:

  • unlimited email support
  • average reply within 5 hours
  • answering all questions, especially regarding fitness nutrition and bodybuilding workout plans


Is this ebook only for fitness-freaks and advanced athletes?

  • No! It is suited for total beginners as well and will give you multiple inspirations for a healthy lifestyle.

What kind of recipes can I expect?

  • The ebook contains recipes for simple and tasty meals that can be prepared quickly (e.g. in the evening or during breaks). Those meals contain unprocessed ingredients and have valuable macronutrients that can be fit in your diet. Staying below 5 minutes is the most important objective!

Is this ebook for people who want to loose fat or people who want to gain muscle?

  • It is for everyone! Most recipes are designed to give you important macronutrients while you are trying to gain size and muscle. The ebook also contains recipes that are suitable for a low-carb diet. It is all about picking the right recipes for your own purposes!

When is my ebook going to be delivered?

  • Delivery happens instantly as a pdf file via email.

Can the ebook be read on mobile?

  • Sure! The pdf file can be read on any devices that support pdf's like smartphones, laptops, tablets and ebook readers.


Kevin Jon

Happy to answer any other questions:

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50 Fitness Meals That Take 5 Minutes Each - Fast Meals for Fast Lives - by Kevin Jon

0 ratings
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