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Kevin Jon
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Welcome to the Side-Venture Toolbox.

After getting the Side-Venture Toolbox there will be no more excuse to NOT have at least 1 side-venture that generates income. Unless you don't put in the work...

Promised. (otherwise money-back)

The Side-Venture Toolbox consists of 400+ side-venture ideas, advice on how to build them (no-code), how to scale them (10+, guides) & an awesome Discord community (including experts' support).

What are you getting?

1 Toolbox with 3 Products (can be accessed immediately after purchase online):

1x Side-Venture Start: A comprehensive guide to start your own side-venture

  • 💻Notion Dashboard with MORE THAN 400 side-venture ideas and HOW TO BUILD THEM (no coding required, only no-code tools will be used)
  • 💸Strategies for monetisation to increase cash flow from your side-venture(s)
  • 🗒️Guide on how to exit your side-venture at an attractive multiple
  • 🧰All the best tools online that make starting a side-venture easy

1x Side-Venture Growth: A comprehensive guide to grow your side-venture

  • 🚀How to generate massive hype and get people excited about your side-venture?
  • 🧑‍🚀How to connect with founders, investors, etc. if you have no network at all?
  • ✔️What to do before the launch?
  • 📝Email templates that help you grow your side-venture
  • Places to post your side-venture to get attention
  • 📚Dozens of guides and case studies:
    • How to build a massive Instagram account for your side-venture?
    • How to build an email list?
    • How to get designers, engineers and entrepreneurs on board?
    • How to cold-email and make the sale?
  • And much more...

1x Side-Venture Discord community

  • 🫂With Kevin Jon and many other megalomaniacs ready to help you start and grow your side-venture
  • ⁉️Q&A section and networking section to connect with each other

And the best is... Purchasing the Side-Venture Toolbox is just phase 1 - phase 2 will be introduced in the coming weeks - and YOU will be part of it.

Hundreds of side-venture ideas and instructions how to start generating side-income

Step-by-step instructions on how to start hundreds of side-ventures with no-code tools and earn money

Extensive growth checklists with detailed step-by-step guides on how to get your first 100 paying customers

Exclusive side-venture Discord with a supportive community many of whom have built side-ventures before such as Kevin Jon - ready to help you, ask questions, get support, find co-founders!

Studies show that 90% of businesses fail in the first 1-2 years, as a result of a lack of preparation, planning or experience. With a community of veteran business builders, all the common pitfalls that usually snag young entrepeneurs will be explained to you in detail to lead you to success!

Many free guides includes, such as the Instagram Growth Guide - how to grow to 10k+ followers and boost your side-venture marketing

Early feedback from 25 early testers (in August already!) was very positive - but they have also helped us make the Side-Venture Toolkit even more valuable - and even more helpful in starting to generate your first side-venture income!

This Toolbox was created by Kevin Jon and, most importantly, a great team of helping hands from his Discord community for megalomaniacs.

About Kevin Jon:

Kevin builds and invests in technology companies across Europe & China, mostly focusing on fintech, web3 and creator economy. He has helped 50+ companies, some of which as their angel investor, penetrate the Chinese market.

He has started and sold multiple side-ventures, some of which generated 5-digit revenues (check LinkedIn posts for more information). Since being born at a young age Kevin was fascinated with starting ventures on the side in order to finance his studies and - later - build up courage to quit his job (by not being dependent on his salary anymore).

Kevin is a recognized thought leader in the venture community: He has been featured by publications such as Fortune or Spiegel, guest lectures at institutions such as Fudan University and Shanghai University, and has been invited to serve as mentor to tech companies for multiple governments, such as Singapore (Enterprise Singapore programs) or Germany (GermanAccelerator programs).

In the past - next to building side-ventures - he worked at top-tier companies in banking, management consulting, venture incubation and as a founder across APAC and Europe.

When he is not building side-ventures, he is working out: You can find him in the gym or the local Muay Thai/MMA club.

More about Kevin
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There'll be no more excuse to not have at least ONE Side-Venture after getting this Toolkit!

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Side-Venture Toolbox

6 ratings
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