Sixpack Booster - The Most Efficient Abs Workout On The Internet

Kevin Jon
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"Let me put it this way: Even the most busy person on earth, the president of the USA, would be able to attain sixpack abs with this course."

Do you want to build and maintain solid abs?

However you do not have enough time for lengthy abs workout routines?

I proudly present to you "The Most Efficient Abs Workout On The Internet".

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Sixpack Booster

  • Just like an effective modern martial art: This workout combines various existing and proven workout elements into one powerful workout
  • 3 abs workout circuits for various experience levels: Beginner, Advanced, Expert
  • Takes around 15 mins to complete (one abs workout circuit for your respective experience level)
  • Is to be performed 2-3 times per week
  • Can be combined with your regular workout schedule OR performed as stand-alone workout
  • Requires NO GYM OR SPECIAL EQUIPMENT - may be performed at home or in the hotel room

Let's get ripped together!

Any remaining open questions? Feel free to approach me on Quora or via Email: kevinjwonline (at)

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Sixpack Booster - The Most Efficient Abs Workout On The Internet

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